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In Your Share -CSA Week #8

Posted 8/2/2018 12:07pm by Aaron Lichtenberg.

Hello Farm Faithful!

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning, but we hesitate to mention to all of you that we're beginning to notice the shift in daylight. Those 4 am wakeup calls are getting more difficult when it is still dark...sorry to warn you, but fall is quickly approaching!

This week we have been thinking about weeds, pests, and of the huge benefits of not spraying pesticides & herbicides, is not taking out the good guys at the same time.

It's hard to tell, but the photo on the left may be an "assasin bug" (which are usually tan) that we found feeding on the squash bug nymphs on the summer squash plants (they are the little whiteish-grey bugs on the right).

In the photo on the right, you see a tomato hornworm, that can do a fantastic amount of damage to a tomato plant in a short time...and has been called by a friend and farm member a "Godzilla Caterpillar". The little white eggs that are on the body of the caterpillar were laid by the Braconid Wasp (notice the marigolds in the background, which attract Braconids). The larva will emerge from the eggs and feed on the caterpillar, from the inside out, sucks to be a caterpillar! If you find them, leave them in the garden...Once mature, the wasps emerge they go off to look for more prey...yay! 


In your share this week (subject to availability):

Thu.-Sat., Aug 2nd-4th, FULL

1 Lettuce, Head (head)
3 Cucumbers, Slicing (each)
1 Herbs, Fresh Bunch (bunch)
1 Tomatoes, Slicing (lb)
4 Seasonal Veggie Choice (each)

Thu.-Sat., Aug 2nd-4th, SMALL

1 Lettuce, Head (head)
2 Cucumbers, Slicing (each)
1 Herbs, Fresh Bunch (bunch)
1 Tomatoes, Slicing (lb)
3 Seasonal Veggie Choice (each)

Seasonal Veggie Choices:

Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage (green/napa), Carrots, Chard, Eggplant, Fennel, Kale, Pac Choi, Radishes, Squash/Zuchs

Our recipe bank is still online for you to access if you are looking for ideas, although, in this day and age, recipes are pretty simple to search for and find! We hope that you continue to find new and interesting ways to prepare the veggies in your share.


Eat well and Be well,
Aaron & Liz Lichtenberg
Winnipesaukee Woods Farm
Alton Bay, NH

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