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Happy Spring & avoid the grocery store?

Posted 3/28/2019 9:48am by Aaron Lichtenberg.

Happy Spring Farm Faithful!

The farm is starting to thaw from it's winter slumber, the farm-work has begun, seeds are sprouting and winter planning is being put into action. You may also notice the quikening of your steps with the gaining warmth of the longer spring days. The busy routine starts to move outdoors, and the weekly "to-do list" continues to get longer.

On routines...the annual tractor maintenence is underway, which sometimes feels like a daunting task. Spending all day putting pieces back together can sometimes feel like forever while so many other things clammor for attention...and tax day is right around the corner! (so those that still haven't filed yet, you're not alone! ;)

Speaking of April (next week, what!?) ...we're shy of our CSA sign-up goals for March. about that busy weekly checklist getting longer...consider this:

Have you ever thought about how much time it actually takes to get through the grocery store?

...getting the kids together, finding a parking spot, remembering your reuseable bags...and sticking to the plan on the shopping list! (don't go shopping hungry! ;)

One way to help that weekly routine go smoothly is a CSA Share...and now that we offer meat and coffee shares to get along with your veggie CSA, think about the whole part of the grocery store you can cut out. Imagine just running in for some sugar, pasta and half & half!

If you want to know more visit our website or sign up now by clicking here!


Eat well and Be well,
Aaron & Liz Lichtenberg
Winnipesaukee Woods Farm
Alton Bay, NH

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