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First CSA Share Pickups, this week June 13th-15th!

Posted 6/13/2019 1:11pm by Aaron Lichtenberg.

Greetings to all!

Believe it or not, the time has come for our first CSA shares. You will receive an auto-reminder for your pickup each week. However, we also try our darndest, amidst the very busy summer seasoon, to send a short bit of news and the anticipated contents of your share by Thursday of each week.

For those of you who also have a flower share, please note that these shares do not begin until the end of the month. However, if you just cannot wait...we will be selling flowers, beginning today, at the Gilford Village Store and will be at the Gilford Village Farmer's Market on Saturday's with our early-season blooms!

This week we are excited to offer a little friendly competition, elementary-school-style where everyone that plays, wins (gotta keep that teacher in me in there somehow, even during the summer)!

Any CSA member will win a FREE Winni Woods Farm t-shirt (made from US made and organically-grown cotton) by sharing a recipe and photo either by email, Facebook(@winniwoodsfarm), or Instagram (@winniwoodsfarmer) with something you made using your CSA share (while supplies last!)

This is truly a community supported farm...we learn and grow with each other, so please feel free to join us in sharing your ideas!

These are some high-quality t's too! Just as an FYI, we only have L through XXL remaining. Limit one per member.


Speaking of recipes, be sure to check out our recipe bank. Each tab at the bottom leads you to a different vegetable with some ideas that we have used, found, or have been shared with us.

In your share this week (subject to availability):

Thurs. 6/13-Sat. 6/15, FULL

1 Herbs, Fresh Bunch (choice)
1 Maple Syrup, 12oz. Glass
1 Rhubarb (bunch)
1 Pac Choi (ea)
1 Head Lettuce (mini-head)
1 Lettuce Mix, (Lg. bag)

Thurs. 6/13-Sat. 6/15, SMALL

1 Herbs, Fresh Bunch (choice)
1 Maple Syrup, 12oz. Glass
1 Rhubarb (bunch)
1 Pac Choi (ea)
1 Lettuce Mix, (sm. bag)

-Eat well and Be well
Aaron & Liz Lichtenberg
Winnipesaukee Woods Farm
Alton Bay, NH

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