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CSA Program Details

Our CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

*Shares will be distributed weekly, over two “seasons” throughout the year, Summer Season & the Fall Season, which are picked-up at the time and location you select during the sign-up process.

Take advantage of our "Early Bird Discount", by signing up and paying in FULL before April 1st, and look for up to as much as 15% OFF your share upon Checkout!

CSA Membership Shares:

          *Main Summer FULL Season Share (June 15th-Sept. 30th) = Each week you'll receive a share of the freshest veggies in season... This share runs from early June, and runs all the way through the month of September.

 (16 weeks)  Sign-Up Now!

     *Summer SHORT Season Share (June 15th-Sept. 2nd) = This share is designed for those of you that are only up in our area for the summer. Each week you'll receive a share of the freshest veggies in season... This share begins the same time as the FULL Season share, in early June, and runs only 12 weeks up to the September Labor Day Holiday weekend.

 (12 weeks)  Sign-Up Now!

         *Fall Share (Oct. 19th-Dec. 16th) = Our weekly share for the Fall Season offers a share of our freshest harvest season veggies, our favorite time of year!!  This share starts the middle of October and runs through the week just before Christmas. This share is only distributed every other week over a ten week season...a total of only 5 pick-up's

Pick Up Weeks: 10/19, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/14  (first pickup of the week available...see pickup locations for exact dates)

(10 weeks)  Sign-Ups...Open Now!


CSA Prices can be found by clicking here...

Become a CSA member by selecting from the "CSA Program" Menu or by clicking here...


    You can still join after a share season starts!!

  ...NEW CSA memberships started after the season starts will be pro-rated based on the week you start your first scheduled pick-up 

*During all of the share Seasons "Small Shares" are available, as well as other farm fresh products.  We are always trying to work with other local producers to offer more fresh, local food options (eggs, meat, etc.)  When items are added "a-la-carte", found under "Our Products"  menu, the items ordered will follow the same schedule and details as the share pick-up location you've selected for your farm, don't forget to visit our Farm Store!!

*What to expect in a typical mid-season vegetable share can be found by clicking here...


CSA Membership Benefits:

* be more connected with your sustenance through direct support of the farmer who grows your food.

*allow the farmer to manage the farm operations & expenses in a more sustainable way because of your direct support from farm membership.

* feel good about knowing that you are taking a direct role in sharing the risks, responsibilities, and benefits of what it takes to feed our community

* be connected to a more natural cycle of eating seasonally

* help build a more robust, secure and TRULY sustainable food system

* help reduce the impact on our natural resources and environment.

*protect our environment by conserving our energy use

* eat healthier and more nutritious food, this due to the shorter time from harvest to consumption

* better tasting food!


Feel free to email us with any further questions.  We're happy to help!


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